How to Remove a Lenovo Laptop Keyboard

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How to Remove a Lenovo Laptop Keyboard

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Summary: Remove a Lenovo Laptop Keyboard is easy, you can save more time.

When it comes to computers, IBM is probably most famous for its line of Lenovo ThinkPad model laptops. These are quality laptops which are designed to be as user friendly as any Apple or Dell computer. That means that it's possible to perform basic maintenance on your Lenovo and even replace parts. So if you need to remove a broken laptop keyboard on your Lenovo, you'll be pleased to know that it can be accomplished in only a few minutes' time.

Turn off your Lenovo ThinkPad laptop and remove all cables that are connected to the ports in the side of the computer.

Close the screen, turn the computer upside down and slide the rectangular battery out of its compartment on the bottom of the computer.

Remove any screws on the underside of the computer marked with the icon of an arrow or a keyboard. These are the screws that hold the keyboard in place.

Turn the computer right-side-up and open the screen so that you have full access to the keyboard. Locate the plastic release latch in the middle of the computer, just above the keyboard.

Press the release latch up and pull the keyboard slightly down toward the front of the computer to expose the keyboard ribbon cable.

Unplug the ribbon cable where it connects at the top of the computer and set the keyboard aside. You have now removed the keyboard in your Lenovo.

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