Repair hp laptop keyboard by yourself

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Repair hp laptop keyboard by yourself

Message  lorry2010 le Jeu 10 Mar - 4:28

Keyboard is the most widely used computer input devices, which consist of keys, conductive plastics, as well as the encoder interface circuits so on. When your hp laptop keyboard doesn’t work, how to repair your hp laptop keyboard by yourself?
HP Laptop Keyboard Letters cannot type
For example: the letter D is the knock did not go, no way to use the Dir command, Hp keyboard the letters A sporadic.
Tip: Cleaning the hp laptop keyboard inside.

Steps: shutdown;
Unplug the hp laptop keyboard (note that when you unplug the hp laptop keyboard iterface on the arrows or “TOP” prompt in order to plug it back);
Reverse hp laptop keyboard, Unscrew the screws, open the hp laptop keyboard;
Use of alcohol and scrub the hp laptop keyboard keys the following parts in contact with the keycap. Note that if the surface layer of relatively transparent plastic film, please open a post-wash.

The use of a normal mouse, the hp laptop keyboard is not available
Sometimes after boot into Win95 mouse can be used, but the hp laptop keyboard cannot be used.
Tip: Check the hp laptop keyboard interface is loose.
These steps: Use the mouse soft-off Win9x systems. Hard shut down the system to prevent paralysis. Turned off, the keyboard pull out the hp laptop keyboard interface part of the re-inserted back slightly harder. Be careful not too much strength, so as not to damage part of the hp laptop keyboard interface on the motherboard. Boot test.

The hp laptop keyboard and mouse cannot use the
Sometimes after boot into Win95 cannot use the mouse, the hp laptop keyboard cannot be used.
Tip: system instability. This is the crash performance.
Note: Please remove the unnecessary parts of the system so that the system only motherboard, memory, CPU, graphics card, monitor, hp laptop keyboard and hard drive to see whether it crashes, and then verify that each new hardware added after the shutdown, until they found that crash.

The individual keys does not help, change hp laptop keyboard fault is still
Total faults computer hp laptop keyboard, space bar, N, H, Y, 6, F4, Esc hp laptop keyboard often does not help, keyboard and sometimes can blind by stretch recovery, for a hp laptop keyboard failure remains.
Tip: man-made settings, virus, over clocking.
Steps: to restore the default hp laptop keyboard;
Followed by the mouse-click “Control Panel”, “ hp laptop keyboard”, “language” and set as default
Value. Check for viruses or re-install the system. Note that the installation process seen in DOS, Win3.2, Win95
On which normal / not normal, re-install is not normal.


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